Assalamu Alaikum:)
This is probebly the most dreded topic for parents. Going out and running errands with the kids. It probebly gets a little easier as the kids grow older, but what about shopping with three or four toddlers? Sounds like chaos right?
I certainly won't disagree with most parents, that taking the kids out in public is certainly challenging at times. Especially when they are cranky!!! But going out as a family is to important to the recreational, emotional and general health of family life to be avoided all together...Don't believe all the horror stories you hear ;)
HOwever, the initial training at home is soooo very important and certain areas must never be ignored and taken for granted. These are:-
1) Your confidence in yourself as a parent
2) Dealing with Tantrums
3) Patience - both yourself and your kids.

I will ellaborate on each point shortly. Keep checking back! In the meanwhile, I've attached links to each point, so be sure to check them out for tips Inshaa Allah...

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    This particular blog was inspired by the increasing number of sisters shying away from the idea of having a "Big Happy Family". Women these days refer to having more than two children as a 'Death Sentence" thus I have decided to start this blog to share the many joys my husband and I have felt in our lives with our little ones and our growing family. It is truly a beautiful experience. It comes with many challenges of course, but the joys far outweigh the trials and ever single trial encountered thus far has been a blessing in disguise from our Creator. I hope this will be an inspiration to my dear sisters in Islam Inshaa Allah... Do not allow propaganda and the false murmurs of a large bitter world interfere with the innocence and beauty of family life and your perception of it... 


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