Last night was completely traumatizing.
Everytime something happens to your kids, especially when it involves their 'head', all you want is for someone to hugg you and tell you it's not your fault and that they'll be okay inshaa Allah.

When you're a mom, you tend to blame yourself for everything bad or unfortunate that happens to your child. There's this connection, and when they feel something physical, something inside you turns inside out and you can't eat, sleep or function normally until you know for sure that everything is okay.

So here's what happened...

I am pregnant with my 5th little bundle and well my husband came home early to help out with the kids because I can't really walk properly right now...In a bit of 'normal', but incredibly uncomfortable pregnancy related pains. There was a visitor outside so the hubby left the room for a few minutes which is usually the time we settle the kids for dinner. So of course, me not being able to move, and the kids not yet being settled down for the night, they decided to play and be their normal crazy selves. 

My eldest and third son were playing on the bed and the eldest fell backwards off the bed and slammed the back of his had BAM against the edge of the wooden rocking chair. 

He started grabbing at the back of his head and screaming in pain shouting "Mummy!! Mummy!!! What happening to my head!?! Mummy something happening to my head!!! Help!!! Help!!! Something wrong!!!!!" 

So that of cousre was enough to send me completely insane with worry. I felt the area at the back of his head where he got the blow, and it was a HUGE bump the size of a medium strawberry and just as hard!! It was so hard and abnormal to the the touch that I thought maybe it was a piece of dry playdough stuck to his head from the floor or something. I didn't want to believe that was actually his head feeling like that.

So I screamed downstairs to my husband to "Come fast!!!"

He ran upstairs as if he instantly realised something had happened and I told him I think we need to go to the health! He freaked out when he felt the bump, "What is that!?!! What is that!?!!?"

I told him what happened and we ran downstairs, grabbed some ice in a bag, left the other kids with their grandparents, jumped into the car and rushed to the healthcentre. By then the bump was even bigger and we were so scared that something was going to burst in his head or something. 

Alhamdulillah we didn't have to wait very long and the doctor saw him after about 20 minutes or so of waiting...and for a public centre that's not a bad waiting period.

By then he had stopped crying  and had calmed down a bit. The swelling had stopped and the bumped stayed about the size of a strawberry, as we also had the ice on it every 15 minutes. 

The doctor's face scared me at first when he first saw the bump. He was a young doctor and very very pleasant and reassuring. Alhamdulillah for this! This made me feel so much more relaxed knowing that this doctor actually showed 'genuine' concern and was not your typical 'cold and unattached' night shift doctor.  He examined the bump, his heart rate, etc and checked his pupils for dialation and THANK ALLAH he said everything looked okay with him so far and that hopefully it's just a typical bump on the head, but that we would have to, over the next 24hours, look out for some important 'Head Injury' signs just to be sure...

He explained to me that there is like a web of blood vessels all over the head just under the skin and that's why a cut on the head tends to bleed so much more than other parts of the body to a point where it may scare you. Also, that any hard or medium blow to head would rupture these vessels and swell up immediately and this may also be very scary...what really helped me was the concern this doctor showed not just for my child, but for me as the parent as well...He was very very effective in keeping me calm and reassuring me and making sure that I understood everything going on with my son... I really appreciated that.

On a lighter note, everything seems to be going okay with with my little 'strawberry head' son and he seems to be healing well. We have not noticed any strange syptoms.... Alhamdulillah....:)

As an advice to moms and dads:- 
Here are some important 'head injury' instructions, provided by the healthcentre, from the doctor and from my experience in this situation:-

- Keep ice on the area every half hour for 10 minutes
- Give child panadol or a pain killer (get doctor's advice on this). This is to ensure that his headache is not abnormal, persistent or severe. Because if he is on a pain killer and the headache is not going away, this may be a sign that something is wrong.
- Look out for any vomitting or nausea.
- Look out for fits or seizures
- Let the child sleep with you that night and observe him carefully throughout the night and for next 24 hours.
- Look out for abnormal or increasing drowsiness
- Look out for any unusual behaviour

If any of the above syptoms are noticed or concern you, take him back to the healthcentre immediately!!
7/24/2012 06:10:57 am

Oh my! I would've freaked out so badly! Alhamdulillah though he got through pretty quickly at the health center and got a caring doctor to look after him- I hope he heals quickly and everything is normal!

7/24/2012 06:24:22 am

Yes Alhamdulillah he is healing well and the bump is slowly going down.... Very biggggg relief!!! We are still monitoring it, but so far everything seems to be going okay and will continue to go well inshaa Allah;)


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