So my 2nd eldest son has a knack for giving the weirdest names during 'pretend play'. So last night I was 'The Horrible You-Pac', destroyer of little people and a danger to the human race!!! Muhahahahha!!!

So all four boys chased me around the room trying to put me in shackles and lock me in the prison (which was the clothes basket) so everyone in the world would be safe....from..... 'The...YOU-PAC!!!!! BUH-HAHAHAHAHA:p

Our index fingers were shooters and "Pachooo Pachhoooo" could knock a person out, thrown them to the ground and cause the YOU-PAC to take them away to her 'You-Pac dungeon' (the other clothes basket)!!:p

Pachoooooos flew in the air, super heros jumped from the bunk beds, with blankets for capes and the YOU-PAC didn't stand a chance!!!

Ultimately, the You-Pac was defeated....sad for me, but wonderful for the world of little people...the You-Pac dungeon was destroyed (so my clean clothes were now spread over the whole carpet) and the world is now safe again... Thanks to...THE 'VEEL-A-TIME SUPER HEROS!!!"
My baby girl, now seven months old, has the sweetest little trick to get her mummy to stay by the crib.

Every time I tucked her in since she was born, I would kiss her little toes and say 'Assalamu Alaikum little princess'.

Now that she's older and creeping around the place, she's developed the most adorable knack for doing funny things and SHE KNOWS IT!

Now when I tuck her in, she would put her two little feet up in the air and wait for me to give her little toes a *kissy*. And she smiles in the most mischievous way from under her pacifier:p

I absolutely melt every time she does that and because of her little "cute trap" I always end up spending an extra minute by the crib tucking her in and exchanging smiles:)

Loving this new-founded world of daughters.

Girls are very very different:p

I was reminding my eldest son(7 years old) and little nieces yesterday about maghrib time(just after the sun sets) and that this is the time that jinns come out. In islamic scripture we are warned that children are to be kept indoors and close to their parents at this time as the jinns/shayateen are out and about ready to make their mischief!

So they took it in and little did I know, my 4 year was paying very close attention to the conversation:p

So today I was giving my eldest a little verbal pop-quiz (common thing my husband and I do every now and then as reminders), and asking him what do we say if we see something scary, or  maybe see a jinn and he said "Aoodhubillah himina shaitan nir rah jeem"(I seek refuge in Allah from Shaytan the accursed). and my four year old shout out, "Yes mummy!!! because the JINN-jer-bread man will come and eat you if you go outside when the sky is getting dark!"


My sweet little Yusuf.....

All excited to run out the door with his Daddy the other evening to play downstairs.

I called out and said, "Hey wait! I need a hugg to help me feel better (wasn't feeling too well that day)". And then "BAM!" goes the door and he runs off full of excitement forgetting my hugg:(

Three seconds later, my little Yusuf runs back in the door and crashes into me with the most tight and loving hugg and then says "Dont' worry Mummy, Daddy will come back in a little while to give you your medicine...Okay? Good! Byebye!" and then "BAM!" goes the door again and off runs my little 3 year old:p

Alhamdulillah... having children with a conscience and who don't forget their mummy and take care of their mummy and feel sorry for her in times of need is the most heart warming feeling...

Alhamdulillah for my sweet children..:) Allah(swt) has truly blessed us...:)
My little five year old (second son) was looking at the 'Azizah's Boulangerie' logo on my desktop just after I completed
the design and uploaded it as my wall paper.

Then he asks, "Mummy, what is the 'A' cooking??"
Lolz:p Sooo cute:p

*Me and my little three year old at bedtime:
Me: I love youuuuu
Yusuf: I love you too too tooooo Mummyyyy!!
Me:  I love you three three threeee...
Yusuf: I love you four four fourrrrr...
Me: I love you six, six, sixxxxxx
Yusuf: Mummy you forgot five five fiveee!!!

I put my little three year old to take a shower and gave him some buckets and cups and bath toys to occupy himself while I got his clothes ready.

So upon my return, I see him busy and carefully measuring the water and filling the bucket.

"I'm making carrot soup Mummy!!", he said excitedly.

So I repeated what he said trying to sound just as excited, "Ohhhh Carrot soup?!!?! Yumm!"

"NOOO Mummy! Not carrot soup. Carrot-Soup- CAKE.... silly mummy..."

"So I apologized for my apparently horrible mistake, "Oh I'm sorry, I mean "carrot SOUP Cake";)

"Yes Mummy! Carrot soup cake with peanuts!"

"With peanuts?!?!!" I asked..."What about cherries?! Are there some nice cherries in your soup cake?!"

"Of courese not Mummy! Elephants don't eat cherries....silly silly mummy"

So here I am all confused again... "What elephant?"

"The elephant in the Bathroom Mummy...he's too big can't see him. And he really likes peanuts!"

So cute! What a fabulous imagination!!! lolz:p 
My eldest son is learning about the different ways a subtraction problem can be written in mathematics;)
We all remember primary school. Sometimes the question might say 'take away'. Or sometimes it may say 'subtract' 20 from 18. But sometimes it may ask for the 'difference' between two numbers.


So I wrote down three math problems asking him to subtract two numbers using the these three phrases. Here were his answers:-

Q:- What do you get if you 'take away' 18 from 20?
A:- 2

Q: How many would remain if you 'subtract' 15 from 18?
A: 3

Q: What is the 'difference' between 12 and 14?
A: One has a two and one has a four,

Oh boy....:p

This Kid just cracks me up!!!!:D
My eldest son, who is currently in 2nd year has finally been given his first real project. The kind where you do research, lots of writing and cut out/print lots of pictures.

So I'm there explaining to him that we can do a little writing every day so it wouldn't be too much, but that a project takes a lot of time so we will put aside a little time every day to get a little done piece by piece;)

When I thought I had convinced him that it really would be easy to put together if we just take it one step at a time, he sits there quietly and contemplates this for a while... 

And once again, kids being kids, out pops the funniest question, "Mummy, can we pay someone to do it?!!?" 

Well yes.... yet another funny mummy moment:p
It was probebly sometime late last year when I was attempting to teach my then 2 1/2 year old about bones. I tried explaining to him that if he keeps jumping from high places in the crazy way that he still does then he can hurt or break his bones.

So then popped the question, "Mummy...what are bones?!?"

So I tried showing him pictures of x rays, making him feel through his skin by his joints and explained that the hard thing under his skin were his bones.

"Like dinosaur bones Mummy?!?"
"YES!!! That's it!! Like dinosaur bones!!!"

Now why didn't I think about attacking it from that angle before?? Lolz:p

So now he understood what bones were and how they can break, and why they are important.

Now the funny part!

My husband and I had spent all night that night putting our Friday night 'sugar rush' inflicted kids to sleep:p Friday is fun night at our home so they went to sleep at about 11:00pm after snacks and stories and jumping around:p

So finally it was about 12:00 midnight and the hubby and I were ready to clock in as well. And as soon as our heads hit the pillow, up popped our 2 1/2 year old like a little daisy in the spring, from what we THOUGHT was deep slumber, AND asked the funniest thing with the most pathetic little dough eyes:-

" you have bones?!!?"

LOL! We will never forget that moment Inshaa Allah! We both just cracked up!! It was so hilarious:p

What a funny thing to be asked at 12:01 AM :p