My sweet little Yusuf.....

All excited to run out the door with his Daddy the other evening to play downstairs.

I called out and said, "Hey wait! I need a hugg to help me feel better (wasn't feeling too well that day)". And then "BAM!" goes the door and he runs off full of excitement forgetting my hugg:(

Three seconds later, my little Yusuf runs back in the door and crashes into me with the most tight and loving hugg and then says "Dont' worry Mummy, Daddy will come back in a little while to give you your medicine...Okay? Good! Byebye!" and then "BAM!" goes the door again and off runs my little 3 year old:p

Alhamdulillah... having children with a conscience and who don't forget their mummy and take care of their mummy and feel sorry for her in times of need is the most heart warming feeling...

Alhamdulillah for my sweet children..:) Allah(swt) has truly blessed us...:)

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