I was reminding my eldest son(7 years old) and little nieces yesterday about maghrib time(just after the sun sets) and that this is the time that jinns come out. In islamic scripture we are warned that children are to be kept indoors and close to their parents at this time as the jinns/shayateen are out and about ready to make their mischief!

So they took it in and little did I know, my 4 year was paying very close attention to the conversation:p

So today I was giving my eldest a little verbal pop-quiz (common thing my husband and I do every now and then as reminders), and asking him what do we say if we see something scary, or  maybe see a jinn and he said "Aoodhubillah himina shaitan nir rah jeem"(I seek refuge in Allah from Shaytan the accursed). and my four year old shout out, "Yes mummy!!! because the JINN-jer-bread man will come and eat you if you go outside when the sky is getting dark!"



UmmuYahya Sultana
12/10/2013 12:14pm

Assalaamu alaiki. Loool too cute. Kids say the darndest things ;) ! May Allaah bless them Ameen. Am really enjoying the funnies alhamdulillaah. My third is really a funny one too, knowingly and deliberately lol. The others tend to be funny via their innocence. However I find my kids have dark humour!


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