My baby girl, now seven months old, has the sweetest little trick to get her mummy to stay by the crib.

Every time I tucked her in since she was born, I would kiss her little toes and say 'Assalamu Alaikum little princess'.

Now that she's older and creeping around the place, she's developed the most adorable knack for doing funny things and SHE KNOWS IT!

Now when I tuck her in, she would put her two little feet up in the air and wait for me to give her little toes a *kissy*. And she smiles in the most mischievous way from under her pacifier:p

I absolutely melt every time she does that and because of her little "cute trap" I always end up spending an extra minute by the crib tucking her in and exchanging smiles:)

Loving this new-founded world of daughters.

Girls are very very different:p


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