I put my little three year old to take a shower and gave him some buckets and cups and bath toys to occupy himself while I got his clothes ready.

So upon my return, I see him busy and carefully measuring the water and filling the bucket.

"I'm making carrot soup Mummy!!", he said excitedly.

So I repeated what he said trying to sound just as excited, "Ohhhh Carrot soup?!!?! Yumm!"

"NOOO Mummy! Not carrot soup. Carrot-Soup- CAKE.... silly mummy..."

"So I apologized for my apparently horrible mistake, "Oh I'm sorry, I mean "carrot SOUP Cake";)

"Yes Mummy! Carrot soup cake with peanuts!"

"With peanuts?!?!!" I asked..."What about cherries?! Are there some nice cherries in your soup cake?!"

"Of courese not Mummy! Elephants don't eat cherries....silly silly mummy"

So here I am all confused again... "What elephant?"

"The elephant in the Bathroom Mummy...he's too big mummy...you can't see him. And he really likes peanuts!"

So cute! What a fabulous imagination!!! lolz:p 

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