So my 2nd eldest son has a knack for giving the weirdest names during 'pretend play'. So last night I was 'The Horrible You-Pac', destroyer of little people and a danger to the human race!!! Muhahahahha!!!

So all four boys chased me around the room trying to put me in shackles and lock me in the prison (which was the clothes basket) so everyone in the world would be safe....from..... 'The...YOU-PAC!!!!! BUH-HAHAHAHAHA:p

Our index fingers were shooters and "Pachooo Pachhoooo" could knock a person out, thrown them to the ground and cause the YOU-PAC to take them away to her 'You-Pac dungeon' (the other clothes basket)!!:p

Pachoooooos flew in the air, super heros jumped from the bunk beds, with blankets for capes and the YOU-PAC didn't stand a chance!!!

Ultimately, the You-Pac was defeated....sad for me, but wonderful for the world of little people...the You-Pac dungeon was destroyed (so my clean clothes were now spread over the whole carpet) and the world is now safe again... Thanks to...THE 'VEEL-A-TIME SUPER HEROS!!!"

06/27/2013 11:52am

Lolz!!! Too funny and too sweet....


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