"Aqueeqah week has finally arrived!!! We had to wait until the baby turned three weeks for financial reasons, but Alhamdulillah it gave my entire little family a chance to get over and recuperate  from the manyyy viruses that had passed through the house!!! That's the thing about having kids that go to school...they bring all the germs home with em'! Note to mummies!!! Give your kids a bath as soon as they get home from school and put those dirty clothes to wash!

So all is going well on Aqueeqah day so far, but Mummy Azizah notices she isn't functioning at her normal pace...Ooops! It was like a blessing from Allah(swt). He kept me well long enough to take care of my husband and kids and pamper them...but now that they are all better it was my turn to succumb to this horrible virus! My eldest son Saifudeen stayed with his daddy to witness the whole thing and I took the time to sleep off the fever after putting the other three kiddies to sleep. Unfortunately I ended up missing the whole event:( I was also supposed to make one of "Azizah's Cupcake Trees" for my 2nd son's Kindergarten sale, but the fever was draining me and I had to sleep off the panadol:( Either way, my parents, husband and a close friend of the family stayed up late that night and packaged out all the meat!!! Hooray!!! Our little Muadh finally got his special day!!! Alhamdulillah!

Later on in the week, I was able to come up with a short but essential list that I thought every mummy should know about! It was my trick to preventing chaos and idleness amongst the kiddies, as there is nothing worst than a 'crying epidemic' amongst bored and idle children:p
So here is my list of crucial items that must always be within mummy's reach at all times:-
1) Snacks - Please, if you can, always have a cupboard designated for snacks and have it filled with an assortment of cookies, chips, etc etc! When the kids are not very hungry, but are almost at their sleep time, a nice little snack always keeps a kid happy and peaceful. Get your kids a little table and chair where you can start training them to sit and have their snack. This will greatly relieve you at those times of the day mummy needs to take care of herself. For example, breakfast time, taking a bath, doing laundry, using the washroom, etc... 2) Playdough & Paint - I know these words are horrific to some mummies, but if you train your kids to sit at that table quietly to paint or roll play dough like we did (ALHAMDULILLAH!!!), your daily chores will become even more breezy easy!!! Keeping those kids busy with fun activities and 'problem-solving' tasks will benefit them both mentally and emotionally. Some children are just born as 'hyper' and 'busy' little bees...so if you are not careful to channel that energy into something constructive...trust me you'll regret it! 3) Special Toys - In almost every toy store there are little buckets of $1.00 and $5.00 toys. Buy up a few of these and keep them, along with some of your kid's expensive toys, in a cupboard somewhere hidden.  Save them for the reallyyyy bad days when they kids are either sick, irritable or restless and there is nothing you can do to restore order. Just pull one or two out and say 'Surprise!!!'. The crying will automatically stops and smiles will prevail. Don't make this a habit and don't let them know where this cupboard is or that it even exists! Like I said, save this for the really bad days...every Mom has those hard days when either she or the kids aren't feeling their normal selves, so this is a 'quick and easy' solution to such situations.
Now for the 'Baby & Breakthrough' part of it!

The week ended beautifully and everything is so amazingly wonderful! Alhamdulillah! My little Baby Muadh takes a nice longgg nap from 6:00pm to 9:30pm sooo soundly and sweetly. It give me enough time to wash/fold clothes, put other kids to bed, cook, eat dinner, sip some tea, spend a little time with the hubby and maybe work on the website!! He then wakes up to feed and is off to dreamland again for the rest of the night! I've never seen a newborn with such a perfect bedtime routine! Subhanallah!!!

Whoever that person is who said 'having too many kids will ruin your marriage' is pitiful to me...They must have been lacking or deficient in some other part of their married life or life in general to say such a thing, because children are truly a gift from Allah(swt)...they have brought my husband and myself so much closer as the years go by...we have been married eight years now and parenthood has brought such maturity to our hearts and the way we see one another...but I'll save that talk for later Inshaa Allah. You can look out for details on that in my next blog entry Inshaa Allah!

Jaza Kallah Khair for lending an ear Readers!!!

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    "As many Muslim sisters today have expressed concern over following 'Grandma and Great-Grandma's trend' of daring to cross and breech the modern day set limit of 'three kids and no more!!!', I have been & will continue to keep a personal diary close at hand during these first few weeks of being the mummy of four little ones Inshaa Allah!
    It has been full of trials, challenges and hardships, but as with life of three kids prior to this, as anticipated, the joys and adventures have, by far, outweighed these difficult times thus far..."

    "Now that I am 100% back to AskAzizah.com work, I will be posting up the contents of this Diary for the benefit of other moms and 'mummies-to-be' who may be willing to, or are currently approaching, that "more than three kids" part of their blessed and beautiful lives Inshaa Allah..."

    (With Love for all my sisters in Islam...Azizah)


    April 2012