(Wednesday ) - "BABY DAY!!!"
"Made so much dua last night for things to run smoothly today... Apologized to the kiddies for not bringing home the new baby yesterday...but still assured them that we would do our best Inshaa Allah to fill that car-seat with their new little brother by the end of today! And that as a treat, grandma & grandpa would be picking them up from school this evening inshaa Allah!

Got to the hospital early...still no 'private beds' available...but the mid-wife was determined to make it up to me! She prepped the 'delivery room' itself and gave me my privacy in there the entire day! This of course significantly helped in the end financially because we were relieved of 'private room' fees.


Labour meds were then introduced and the contractions were very very mild at first. Not very painful at all. Took a few hours to work, but this gave me enough time to pace myself though the pains as they grew stronger and even gave the hubby a few extra hours to get some of the rest his body so desperately needed (We later found out that it was the dengue virus he had been suffering with all along).

While the contractions become extremely painful down to the end, they were still manageable both mentally and physically and I even remember asking the doctor, "Will it get much more painful than this?!?" The response was "Well you're already 8 cms dilated, so it'll be pretty much the same from here on out and most likely within the hour!" To that wonderful news, I said "OH GOOD!!! Well I can handle this Inshaa Allah!"

I remember screaming maybe once or twice when the baby was almost out, lolz, but that was it, Alhamdulillah!!! I had kept praying during contractions that the pain wouldn't get worst than it was and my dua was answered!!! My least painful delivery yet!!!


All three of my sons were at the nursery window with my parents peeping at their newest little brother 'Muadh'(it means 'Protected') ! I couldn't wait to see their little faces...My sweet Yusuf blowing kisses and 'byebyes' for the nurses, my darling Sabeer and his quiet blushes that just charm the world and my precious Saifudeen so genuinely concerned about 'mummy' and soooo overly excited about being a big brother again!

Best of all, I had requested to leave early...the doctor came and gave the 'okay' and I was able to come home that same night to be with my whole family! Mashaa Allah, it was a day to remember. Or rather...a day I will never forget inshaa Allah! A day of anxiety... trauma... pain... excitement... fatigue... happiness...relief and then overwhelming joy...Subhanallah...


P.S. Came home to the wonderful news that there would be no school on Thursday and Friday!!! I had totally forgotten about that! And there it was...Zero extra responsibilities. My whole family could just be together for a nice longgggg weekend as my husband was also now on Paternity Leave from his job! As my mom always said to us growing up, "All good things to those who wait...Have faith in Allah(swt)... Everything happens for a reason..."

Jaza Kallah Khair Mom!!!"

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    "As many Muslim sisters today have expressed concern over following 'Grandma and Great-Grandma's trend' of daring to cross and breech the modern day set limit of 'three kids and no more!!!', I have been & will continue to keep a personal diary close at hand during these first few weeks of being the mummy of four little ones Inshaa Allah!
    It has been full of trials, challenges and hardships, but as with life of three kids prior to this, as anticipated, the joys and adventures have, by far, outweighed these difficult times thus far..."

    "Now that I am 100% back to AskAzizah.com work, I will be posting up the contents of this Diary for the benefit of other moms and 'mummies-to-be' who may be willing to, or are currently approaching, that "more than three kids" part of their blessed and beautiful lives Inshaa Allah..."

    (With Love for all my sisters in Islam...Azizah)


    April 2012