(Tuesday 21st September, 2010) -
"Felt so strange when I woke up this morning. I mean, other than it being the day I had carded with my doctor to induce labour(I was four days overdue!), it was a pretty ordinary morning. Got kids ready for school, fed them breakfast in the car while hubby drove, etc... but this was the day I was supposed to meet my newest bundle (Inshaa Allah)!?! Why did everything feel so...so...blah...so 'routine'...?!?

Finally got to the hospital...waited about an hour, only to hear... "We have no beds, we'll have to reschedule your induction for tomorrow... TOTAL BUMMER!

I felt like a pancake...All heated up and bubbling with excitement, but when 'flip-time' came, someone wacked me down with a big flat spoon and kept pushing me down onto the fire. I felt helpless...:(

My husband escorted me to the plate...which was the 'car' in this instance... and when I saw that newly washed newborn car seat empty and still awaiting use, this awful "syrup" of disappointment just poured all over me!

Kept telling myself on the way home..."Okay...think about this...maybe husband is not well...maybe Allah(swt) wants things to be this way for that reason...maybe to give the hubby more time to recover before baby enters this world...something....there must be something...Allah(swt) knows what He's doing... be patient...have patience...everything happens for a reason..."

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    "As many Muslim sisters today have expressed concern over following 'Grandma and Great-Grandma's trend' of daring to cross and breech the modern day set limit of 'three kids and no more!!!', I have been & will continue to keep a personal diary close at hand during these first few weeks of being the mummy of four little ones Inshaa Allah!
    It has been full of trials, challenges and hardships, but as with life of three kids prior to this, as anticipated, the joys and adventures have, by far, outweighed these difficult times thus far..."

    "Now that I am 100% back to AskAzizah.com work, I will be posting up the contents of this Diary for the benefit of other moms and 'mummies-to-be' who may be willing to, or are currently approaching, that "more than three kids" part of their blessed and beautiful lives Inshaa Allah..."

    (With Love for all my sisters in Islam...Azizah)


    April 2012