"This I would say was the most difficult week of my life. Not because of the baby...nope...that was the easy part! The problem was that my husband apparently had dengue fever and my second son was ill with a very harsh virus. I got absolutely no time to recover 100% from the delivery because hubby was totally immobile. The back pain I suffered as result was horrible!!! It was so scary seeing my little Sabeer and my husband suffering like that...

My parents and even my grandmother were amazing! My mom and dad exhausted all options and used every ounce of energy they had to get our little family back to their feet! They cooked, cleaned, washed and even delivered food to us right to the door! They helped with the kids and even kept Saifudeen and Yusuf for the first few nights, so we could concentrate 100% on the new baby and Sabeer's health, with
the little energy we had ourselves...

My grandmother, May Allah(swt) bless her immensely as well for this, kept cooking soups and even came over during this week to help out with the cooking...and YOU KNOW, "No one makes a soup like Grandma!!!" My loving mother-in-law brought these nutritious home-made punches for her son to help nurse him back to health. And according to the hubby, "No one makes a punch like my mummy!!!" May Allah(swt) bless her for this...Ameen!

It was beautiful...times like these, these trials and tests of Allah(swt), really open your eyes and show you the people that love you the most! They teach you what's most important in life and grant you a level of patience you never thought was possible.

Ahhh yes...Saturday... a blissful day! It was the first day we were all able to finally enjoy as a family of six! My after-pains had finally subsided, the hubby was recovering, my son was starting to smile again and it was the first day we were physically able to enjoy all four of our kids at once! Alhamdulillah... what a peaceful day and even night! When school started back on Monday, I stayed at home with the little ones
and my recovering "sicky-poo" son. Was finally able to officially start my first few days as a mummy of four on my own.

Here's how it went for the next three days:-
...Woke up at 5:45am...ironed uniform for my eldest son... packed lunch-kit, got breakfast ready...sent two other sons to have juice with grandpa in the hammock...fed eldest his breakfast after the hubby finished bathing and dressing him...

When he was off to school with his daddy, I brought the other two in for breakfast (scrambled eggs) while I breastfed the baby:) I've always been military about two things with my kids; meal-time & bed-time. Thus all my kids have arrived at a point where they can all feed themselves with a fork or spoon and they all go to bed at the same time for the night. Thank Allah(swt) for this...because if it wasn't for the
'routine' in their lives, there would truly be chaos when this new baby came..lolz:p

After breakfast is bath time! I would let the older two play with their little bath toys in the shower while I bathe the new baby-poo! His baby tub faces the big shower directly, so I was able to keep an eye on the other two simultaneously:) After bath time, the baby would cuddle/swaddle up in a blankie and fall fast asleep with his pacifier...I then took the other two out and dressed them up:) By then it was about 10:00am better known as "Vitamin & Snack Time" to my kids. Gave them a little brunch snack, rocked little Yusuf to sleep and hugged up my little Sabeer to give him an early nap (The medication usually kicked in at this point and made him drowsy either way) :) My husband was back home at this point taking a nap himself for his own recovery after that awful morning traffic and I also needed rest because I myself was getting ill with this same virus; so we all took a nice long nap until it was time to eat lunch and pick-up my eldest from school:)

When Saifudeen got home, we all got together and had some fun with Daddy:) At 5:30 pm I would do Saifudeen's home-work with him while Daddy played with the other two. The baby also woke up at this time to feed so he joined Saifudeen and I for home work hour:p After Maghrib, we all ate dinner together and my three older boys got ready for bedtime:) Everyone was in bed by 9:00pm for the latest and
hubby and I got some time for ourselves to just hang out a little and chat before we clocked-in ourselves:)

Subhanallah...life with the four that I adore...;)

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    "As many Muslim sisters today have expressed concern over following 'Grandma and Great-Grandma's trend' of daring to cross and breech the modern day set limit of 'three kids and no more!!!', I have been & will continue to keep a personal diary close at hand during these first few weeks of being the mummy of four little ones Inshaa Allah!
    It has been full of trials, challenges and hardships, but as with life of three kids prior to this, as anticipated, the joys and adventures have, by far, outweighed these difficult times thus far..."

    "Now that I am 100% back to AskAzizah.com work, I will be posting up the contents of this Diary for the benefit of other moms and 'mummies-to-be' who may be willing to, or are currently approaching, that "more than three kids" part of their blessed and beautiful lives Inshaa Allah..."

    (With Love for all my sisters in Islam...Azizah)


    April 2012