"Things have moved from 'rock cake' to 'oatmeal' to 'creamy' to 'milky smooth'!!! The routine has finally set in almost perfectly!!! Our three older sons are all going to bed on time, there are no sibling jealousy issues,the Baby Muadh is starting to take longggg naps at night and now I'm really worried...LOL!!! I know I should be gleeful about this, but shouldn't having four kids be harder than this?!? I'm thinking, "No no no...it's when things are going all peachy and perfect that disaster tends to strike". Don't worry people, I'm not a pessimist, but we mums must not let our guard down!!! As I always preach, "Do your best to prepare for the impossible Inshaa Allah and you won't get disappointed". When we indulge 'too much' in the moment, we run the risk of getting lost in it. When you have many kiddies, always do your best to anticipate possible 'down times' by having three important things ready & stocked at all times; Snacks, Medicine Cabinet & Clean Laundry!!!

So let's start this week off with a happy entrance. We shaved the baby's head when he turned seven days old on Wednesday 29th and he was so amazingly well behaved for almost the entire shaving... until he got hungry of course;) So he started off his second week in this world as a bald, adorable little sweetheart;) His tiny little face is starting to fill out, so we can see all his little features, dimples and birthmarks clearly!!! And Alhamdulillah, he really does resemble my first son Saifudeen, which means he resembles ME!!! YIPPIE I got another mini-me!!! SCORE FOUR GOES TO THE MUMMY!!!

But then, oh no...hiding in the corners and lurking behind the doors are the silent little mischievous giggles and intentions of my 1 3/4 year old, Yusuf...hiding with a marker and crayon in each hand!!! Waiting and watching patiently until mummy makes eye contact and then "BAM! SCRIBBLE! SCRATCH! SWOOSH!!!"... My walls and cupboard doors are now a scrap book and display area for his wonderful works of art! He then runs away laughing and the laugh is just too cute to punish him...LOL:p I must now hide every possible marker, crayon, pen and pencil on high shelves to avoid any further disasters. I honestly get the impression that Allah(swt) made children so cute for a reason, because if he wasn't so cute and if those little 'pitter-patter' feet didn't sound so darling as he ran away, I really would make that kid eat a raw lime as punishment...LOL!!! My poor walls:( Just kidding about the lime though:p

As the week goes on, it's Friday now and circumcision time has arrived!!! I remember how much my other sons cried for this. Not really because of the pain of getting cut, but more because of the initial anesthetic injection, which of course they felt 100% and then being held down for the procedure. I got myself all geared up and prepared mentally for witnessing this, but ALHAMDULILLAH this is the most peaceful baby I've ever seen. Sure he cried a little for the anaesthetic injections, but it really didn't last long and he was really quiet for almost the whole procedure!

So after all major expenses were now paid..now sets in the 'Financial Struggle' that many parents go though after the birth of a new little one....yes, I will admit, there are times you end up with $10.00 in your pocket for spending. But please...too many couples get so carried away with the 'financial worries' part of it that they forget about where sustenance really comes from. It doesn't come from your job or from the bank or from a generous friend. It comes from Allah(swt)...I'm not saying to lay on a couch, do nothing and expect money to fall from the sky...what I AM saying is to work as hard as you can and have FAITH in Allah(swt) and you WILL be provided for. This is a promise He has made to us...so have faith in Him and  do not dwell on material things in this dunya(world). Putting your energy into 'worries' and the like will ruin your lives, crumble your marriage and affect your children. See this link for an idea of how 'financial worries' affected this sister's marriage:- http://www.askazizah.com/advice/interviews/youngcouple_tightbudget.htm  Listen to her advice, as she has truly felt the consequences of this burden. My husband and I were able to get through this part with Allah's Help...I mean we aren't perfect; there were the occasional moments of frustration, crabby mood swings and the like...but in the end...sitting together and talking things through always helps..."Control your anger before it consumes you!!!" should the be the words hanging over every married couple's front door:p

So now, on this same Friday, the virus has finally attacked my eldest son. He came home from school with a really hot fever and this was the weekend 'Mummy Azizah' is supposed to be '100% back to AskAzizah.com work'. A little 'sicky-poo' did not fit into this plan, but again I needed to remind myself that everything happens for a reason and give myself a "Can I do it? YES I CAN!!!"  pep-talk. Thank Allah(swt) he was doing a lot better that night and I stayed awake late Friday & Saturday night at the computer, while breastfeeding the baby, to get that special "Returning Newsletter Issue" out to "Weekly Buzz" Subscribers. SUCCESS!!! Killed ten birds with a million stones and  COFFEE is my friend again...hehe:p Just kidding about the coffee though:p

Kept my two elder sons home from school to ensure the fever & virus had subsided on Monday and school finished early on Tuesday so even better!!! We were hoping to have enough money to do the Aqueeqah this Wednesday, but the budget was still a little tight... We planned on doing it next Wednesday (when he is 3 weeks old) for sure though (Inshaa Allah). Was soo exciting making all the preparations!!! Can't wait to let you all know all about it!!!

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    "As many Muslim sisters today have expressed concern over following 'Grandma and Great-Grandma's trend' of daring to cross and breech the modern day set limit of 'three kids and no more!!!', I have been & will continue to keep a personal diary close at hand during these first few weeks of being the mummy of four little ones Inshaa Allah!
    It has been full of trials, challenges and hardships, but as with life of three kids prior to this, as anticipated, the joys and adventures have, by far, outweighed these difficult times thus far..."

    "Now that I am 100% back to AskAzizah.com work, I will be posting up the contents of this Diary for the benefit of other moms and 'mummies-to-be' who may be willing to, or are currently approaching, that "more than three kids" part of their blessed and beautiful lives Inshaa Allah..."

    (With Love for all my sisters in Islam...Azizah)


    April 2012