3) Patience (both yourself and your kids):-
The words I live by are:-
"For some Patience is a gift, for others Patience is a task...But as a mother, Patience is a MUST!!!"

Some mothers have a natural gift of patience. They can breeze through any situation without blinking. I'm certainly not one of those. Always had a pretty short fuse. But fortunately, my first little bundle of joy was a completely hyperactive little ball of energy since the day of his birth!

So I had a lot of time to develop this thing called 'Patience'. My husband, however, is the walking definition of 'Patience'. So between my 'first born training period' and learning this trait of patience from my husband over the years; mostly by admiring the way he was able to tolerate me and my 'short fuse' over the years *lolz:p*, I was able to finally channel my hasty ways and learn to love motherhood for what it was. A chaotic, beautiful, mess of happiness". I love it!! I wouldn't have it any other way. Alhamdulillah!:)

Our lives with our little team of four kiddies has arrived at that wonderful point where at the end of everyday... and I mean EVERYDAY, the floor would look like a battle field with boy toys, cars, legos and cut piece of paper. 

My husband and I would both just look at it and smirk at eachother....yes we were tired at the end of the day and just wanted to cat nap while the kids jumped around....but as our philosophy goes
"If we don't clean it, we'll get buried in it!" 

He would always tease me and say "Let's just leave it like that. You KNOW it's going to get the same way tomorrow". I just roll my eyes and he's chuckles mischeviously and goes off to get the vaccum to help me clean up.

Sometimes the kids see us cleaning and pitch in without even being told. Alhamdulillah...my eldest is usually the lego packer, my third is competitive in every possible way, so he jumps into 'help-mode' because he wants a piece of the "Well Done!!" from mummy and daddy after the job is done. My second son is the sweetest most quiet little thing, so he is usually sitting calmly in a corner colouring at that time and asking mummy and daddy every now and then to "Come see my beautiful red and green and blues and yellows. But not white mummy, I have no white today!!" *Aweeee*

And well my little one year old (baby #4), just walks around, will maybe throw a few blocks into the toy box to try and help, try to run away with one of my 2nd sons colours and hide in a corner, or maybe jump on daddy's back for a 'piggy-back ride' everytime daddy tries to reach a toy under the bed. He's at that entertaining age where everything he does is sooo cute, no matter how mischevious it is:p 

So back to the point... PATIENCE...

Patience is a trait we need to practice at home before attempting it in public. We need to look at stressful situations and just laugh about it. And after laughing, take a step back, breathe, and then think out a simple but strategic plan of dealing with it. Never react to a situation right away without thinking first; unless of course you have no choice and the situation requires hasty action.

Hasty action and NOT THINKING before acting are the leading causes of verbal, physical and emotional ABUSE of children and of our SPOUSES... So be mature...a flood of the toys is not as bad as having a kid with a terminal disease/illness. Chocolate Ice-cream spread accross your white bed sheet is not as difficult as having to watch your children sleep on dirt floors or on the streets. Patience in a way, is almost directly related to 'gratitude'... once we are able to fully appreciate the incredible blessings that children bring into our lives Inshaa Allah, then what we once thought of as the 'worst thing that could happen'  is in reality  yet another test of Our Lord that we MUST embrace, accept and endure with as much grace, patience and gratitue as possible INshaa Allah...  

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    This particular blog was inspired by the increasing number of sisters shying away from the idea of having a "Big Happy Family". Women these days refer to having more than two children as a 'Death Sentence" thus I have decided to start this blog to share the many joys my husband and I have felt in our lives with our little ones and our growing family. It is truly a beautiful experience. It comes with many challenges of course, but the joys far outweigh the trials and ever single trial encountered thus far has been a blessing in disguise from our Creator. I hope this will be an inspiration to my dear sisters in Islam Inshaa Allah... Do not allow propaganda and the false murmurs of a large bitter world interfere with the innocence and beauty of family life and your perception of it... 


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